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Creations of Ex-libris   "Bookplates".

The phrase ex libris "Bookplates", which enters of use the French language as of the end of the XVIIe century, is formed of the plural ablative of liber (delivers), and of the preposition ex indicating the source. This word comes to be added the name of the owner of the book or the library.

Example: Ex libris Didier Némerlin

  (Coming from the books of Didier Némerlin)

  Very Poetically, Henri Bouchot (1891) Wrote:

  "It is the oldest mark of the sincere love of the men for their literary good. It is the Blazon of the spirit ".

  At the beginning, the ex libris appeared the armorial bearings of its owner.

  Today, in more or apart from the armorial bearings, one made there appear the profession or the philosophy of the person;

  Or: weapons and the residence.

  The ex libris is the seal of the secret personality of its owner

  and a den of riddles in any kind.

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