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Welcome on the site of

Didier Némerlin.

Heraldic Artist.

 Heraldic Drawings, ex-libris ( bookplates), family trees, Monograms, drawings of castles.

  Advertising executive of formation, this graphic designer was born in Brussels in 1942. Its passion for the heraldry and the ex libris goes up with more than thirty years. The composition of well balanced armorial bearings constitutes for him one attracting seduction of which it made its major occupation.

Appreciated amateurs, it is known today in most of Europe , of the United States and Canada . He is member, in Portugal, of ACADEMIA PORTUGUESA DE EX-LIBRIS.

And also appears in the international encyclopaedia: "ENCYCLOPEDIA BIO-BIBLIOGRAPHICAL OF THE ART OF THE CONTEMPORARY EX-LIBRIX"

 Book 27, on pages 81 to 90. Published by Arthur Mário da Mota Miranda (Portugal)

  It is with the same interest and the passion which it carries to symbolism that it creates of the ex libris, these small so called labels: "blazon of the spirit".

  Didier NÉMERLIN, have largely contributed to the illustration of the FRENCH ARMORIAL or Alphabetical Repertory of all the blazons and notes of the noble families, patricians and middle-class women of France and the old territories having been under the French domination, of Mister H.P.J. WILLEMS.

Also included in "FLORILEGIUM HERALDICAE BELGICAE", published under the direction of Lord Jean-François HOUTART, published by the GENEALOGICAL AND HERALDIC FEDERATION OF BELGIUM.





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